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Oh No! Lit Class is a semi-educational comedy literature podcast hosted by Megan and RJ, two bitter English grads who are here to tell you all the weird and sexy things you never knew about the books you had to read in school. Let's ruin some literary classics together.
New episodes released every other Thursday.

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    50: Operation Death Sled

    Happy New Year! ON!LC is back in a big way as Reid Messerschmidt of The Irrationally Exuberant Podcast joins Megan and RJ to make the case for Edith Wharton's novel Ethan Frome, the classic tale of the worst winter-sports-related suicide pact ever. Along the way, we'll ponder the peculiarities of pickle dishes, learn some Horse Facts, and understand what it means to be horny inside your heart. Grab a sled, take your pants off, and watch out for your cousin.

    Listen to more Reid at:



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    Study Break Bonus: It Turns Out Words Don't Actually Mean Anything

    What better way to get ready to ring in 2019 by grabbing 2018 by the balls and flinging it as far away as possible with another bonus minisode from the ON!LC vault? ...This metaphor may have gotten away from us. In this episode, Megan has a petty pet peeve over famous miscontextualized phrases from literature and people's habits of getting them tattooed on their bodies. Meanwhile, RJ embraces the inherent meaninglessness of the universe, and we learn that the person meant to watch the watchmen is supposed to be keeping them from having sex with someone's wife...yup.

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    Study Break Bonus: I Literally Can't Even

    Merry Christmas! Dive under the Christmas tree (that's how that works, right?) and unwrap this previously Patreon-exclusive minisode where guest Matt Hocker, surrealist comedian, Strange Human, and host of the appropriately-titled Matt Hocker Show, drops in to provide some startlingly deep thoughts on the evolution of language, exposing Megan for the dingbat she is. Postmodernism rears its ugly head again as we talk about fanfiction, how all words are made-up words, and also some very good ice cream.

    You can check out Matt's Audio Eric Andre Experience at: http://thematthockershow.com/

    and follow him on twitter @MattHockerShow

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    49: Disney Rides are the Basis of All Historical Canon

    In this massive final episode of 2018, all your burning questions will be answered, like what piece of classic literature needs to be made into a Muppet movie? Which Bronte sister could you beat in a fistfight? Was Helen Keller an asshole? And where are all these trains coming from? You'll also learn how to sort out your student loans, understand French literary theory, and pull sweet professorial pranks. Happy Holidays and #PrayForRJ

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    48: A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream

    Smash that emergency Shakespeare button and keep your arms and legs inside the podcast for an appropriately semi-lucid episode on A Midsummer Night's Dream! Learn all about Shakespeare's famed comedy about horny idiots in the woods...that sat around in obscurity for like 200 years. Because Puritans. RJ makes the case against parties, Megan makes enemies of theater kids everywhere, and we discover what timeless Christmas film was inspired by this play about magical boning.

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    47: My Sister, My Sister, My Sister and Me

    On this episode, we take a look at some positively lilliputian ladies in Louisa May Alcott's classic coming-of-age novel, Little Women and learn why the Civil War is basically just the first Pokemon movie, how true Transcendentalism is hitting Ralph Waldo Emerson up for cash, and why Wrongfully Accused is an underrated classic. Megan advocates sibling murder, RJ examines the financial merits of cult life, and we all say "Awwww" a bunch.

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    46: The Ballad of Count Jackula

    What's that in your candy bucket? Is it a bonus week of spooks and scares just in time for Halloween?! Join us and learn why A Rose for Emily is less about The Bachelor and more about oblivious townsfolk and tax evasion, while The October Game teaches you how to throw the perfect Halloween party. We do some voices, struggle with some songs, and invent what will surely become ONLC's most beloved character ever.

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    45: Who Names Their Kid Ichabod Anyway?

    Gird your gourds for more Halloween goodness as we begin our short story spookstravaganza! RJ discusses feminism and unfortunate interior decorating in The Yellow Wallpaper, and Megan explores the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and how being a jerk can get you ghost-murdered. Or regular murdered. It's unclear. Meanwhile, Rhode Island doubles down on racist authors, and we all learn the importance of going "First!"

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    44: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Bill Nye the Science Guy

    It's the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year! Halloween! Obviously. On this spine-tingling episode, Megan and RJ take a trip down Queer Street to examine The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Witness the classic terrors of inheritance law, Victorian moral hypocrisy, and Vague, Unspecified Crime! Learn the finer points of forcing your child to be a lighthouse engineer, why being a good actor can make you a murder suspect, and how to give your nurse the worst nickname ever.

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    43: Surf's Up, Agatha!

    On this episode, Megan and RJ take Agatha Christie's sinister choo-choo train to her classic mystery novel, Murder on the Orient Express. Along for the ride is Jess, a high school English teacher and certified Christie-head. We learn that murder is the secret to getting kids to read more, the importance of a well-groomed mustache, and how Christie once pulled a Walter White. Meanwhile, Megan struggles to say a single character name correctly, RJ has some issues with wording, and Jess initiates a blood feud with Kenneth Branagh.

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    42: Finding (And Escaping) Nemo

    On this episode, we hold our breath to dive down deep into the briny depths of Jules Verne’s adventure classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Learn the downsides of owning your own island, the majesty of differently-abled manatees, and Captain Nemo’s step-by-step guide on how to be the most unbelievably extra person in the entire ocean. Megan yearns for action and adventure, while RJ mostly yearns for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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    41: The #Aesthetic of Dorian Gray

    Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s a cursed, magical painting. Join Megan and RJ as they return to the wonderful world of Oscar Wilde to appraise The Picture of Dorian Gray and learn the surprising source of inspiration for Wilde’s novel about the dangers of being eternally sexy. Meanwhile, RJ makes some startling literary […]

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    40: H.P. Lovecraft Part 2: A City of Steve Buscemis

    Join Megan, RJ, and Jared as we round out our journey through the Cthulhu-verse with The Shadow over Innsmouth, a tale of cursed villages, dark secrets, and mega-horny immortal fish people. Also discussed: Why good Lovecraft movies are hard to find, the difficulties of separating a pretty thoroughly racist man from the massive impact he’s […]

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    39: H.P. Lovecraft Part 1: Jostled to Death by Sailors

    In this episode, Megan and RJ open up their feeble brain meats to the untold cosmic horrors of H.P. Lovecraft! With special guest and Old God aficionado, Jared aka Best Day, we heed the haunting, squishy call of Cthulhu and prepare for…Unnecessarily Complicated Language! Old-Timey Racism! Guys With Three Names! And So Many Narrative Framing […]

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    Study Break Bonus: The Goatesque and The Oceanesque

    In this free teaser of Study Breaks to come, ON!LC guest alum Monique McIntosh returns to teach Megan about a popular, unsurprisingly racist term used in classic horror fiction. We also cover zombie goats, the unfathomable terrors of both the alphabet and the ocean, and why sexual attraction to lions with ’90s boy band hair […]

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    38: Hello from the Outside(rs)

    We’re inside, we’re outside, we’re every which way but the general direction of S.E. Hinton’s twitter as we tackle her classic teen coming-of-age novel, The Outsiders. Which isn’t gay. At all. What would even make you think that? Experience increasingly outlandish acronyms, the importance of both greasy hair and a good cry, and deeply ironic […]

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    37: Oops, We Bronte’d Again

    Get ready for THE DRAMA as Megan and RJ journey to ghostly moors of Wuthering Heights! Learn why everyone who thinks this is a romantic love story is both Wrong and Bad, why you should avoid graveyard-adjacent drinking water, and how Gothic antihero Heathcliff and Rocky Balboa are basically the same guy. RJ continues his […]

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    36: A Nice Book About Bunny Rabbits

    What could go wrong in a book about bunnies? Plenty, if that book is Watership Down, a classic children’s novel that’s been traumatizing kids for nearly 50 years. Also traumatized is Chris Osborne of Play Comics, who joins us as we follow a band of bunnies on their epic quest for survival. Meanwhile, Megan relives […]

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    35: 1-800-Flowers for Algernon

    Oh Danny boy, the pipes are calling on this episode where we manage, despite our best efforts and potentially worst singing yet, to talk about the classic (sci-fi?) novel, Flowers for Algernon. Learn the importance of good branding, that the gross changes happening to your body are totally normal, and why being smart is a […]

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    34: Of Mice and Men and Salads

    In an episode that could best be described as “Steinbeck adjacent,” we engage in some heavy petting, bacon thieving, obscure reference-making, and banana-insinuating. We also learn all about Burgess Meredith, the rules of Being In Van Halen, briefly become Oh No! City Slickers, and oh uh, talk about Of Mice and Men…kinda. But it’s okay […]

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    33: Mental Breakdowns in the Rye

    Get ready to #CatchTheseHands in the rye as your two favorite phonies set out to eviscerate Holden Caulfield, but mostly just feel bad for him. Learn about the distinguished fields of kosher cheese mongering and elevator pimping, go faith findin’ with JD, and listen as Megan challenges John Travolta to a fistfight and RJ commits […]

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    32: Part Man, Part Alcohol, Part Kangaroo: The Ernest Hemingway Story

    On this special episode, we take you on an intoxicated tour through the life, times, and wives of Ernest Hemingway, with a brief stopover at The Old Man and The Sea. Join us at the hottest spot north of Havana for this extra-long drunkstravaganza featuring: Gay marlins, Sandra Bullock, questionable surgery practices, baseball(?), and conquering […]

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    31: Down and Dirty John Donne

    RJ takes the wheel to teach us a thing about John Donne: Reverend, husband, and mega-horny poet. Enjoy the tonal whiplash as we rocket between poems about doing it, poems about how everyone he loved is dead, and more poems about doing it. Megan crafts some fanfiction, Financin’ with RJ branches out, and we learn […]

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    30: Bowels of Darkness

    This week, we head to Africa, not to bless the rains but to contend with Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness. Megan is filled to the brim with salt while RJ tries to rack up a high score playing Devil’s Advocate. Join us as we discuss racism, imperialism, and the alleged contents of John Wayne’s […]

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    29: A Tough Tesseract to Follow

    Warning: Episode contains spoilers for the film version of A Wrinkle in Time! Crack open your guide to interdimensional travel because we’re about to wrinkle some time! Join us and our friend Scott for a magical story of quantum mechanics, pulsating brains, and incompetent dads as we learn how pubescent girl-rage can save the day. […]

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    28: Fightin’ and Philanderin’ with Daddy Dumas

    Get ready for some nougat-y goodness with The Three Musketeers, a novel less about swashbuckling and more about extra-marital cross-kingdom hookups, horse-shaming, and that famous Musketeer slogan: “Well, if it pisses off the Cardinal then I guess it’s okay.” Alexandre Dumas outsources his book-writing to make more time for lovin’, Megan laments a severe lack […]

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    British boys get stranded on a tropical island, and you won’t BELIEVE what happens next! …They get naked and try to murder each other. It’s Lord of the Flies, a book written out of spite for a different book written 100 years earlier. We look at provocative shell art, learn why choir boys are the […]

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    26: This Pie Tastes Like Murder

    You guys, this show is a whole year old! In celebration, we bring you, from the depths of Shakespearean obscurity: Titus Andronicus, the play that asks “What if Shakespeare was possessed by Eli Roth and then wrote a play?” and “Can you do a Michael Caine impression without a tongue?” and also “Are goth kids […]

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    25: Scout Finch is Going to Kick Your Butt

    They say it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird, so we get to sinning with Harper Lee’s immortal required reading classic. Learn how Lee plagiarized her own life, why Atticus Finch needs to sharpen his lawyer skills, and how all problems can be solved by punching and/or kicking. Megan chronicles the thrilling exploits of a […]

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    24.5: We A Some Qs

    It’s a new year with new experiences to have and new challenges to face! Like having your schedule completely derailed by medical emergencies! (On an unrelated note, RJ met his unfortunate demise under circumstances that are neither mysterious or criminally suspicious). Megan and RJ Jr. Part 2: The Sequel answer submitted questions in this special […]

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    24: The Nightmare Before Christmas Carol

    We’re celebrating the last episode of the year with a double-feature of A Christmas Carol and The Gift of the Magi! Embrace the holiday spirit of giving rocks to Baby Jesus, spending money you don’t have on things you can’t use, multiple ghosts telling you what a jerkoff you are, and the spectacular debut of […]

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    23: Ralph Ellison’s Big Book of Symbolism

    Who wouldn’t want to be an Invisible Man? Playing awesome pranks, sneaking into R-rated movies…wait, this isn’t that one? This is the one about racial and social inequality and the failure of identity due to society’s perceptions and prejudice? Oh. Join us as we hunt for shirtless pictures of Ralph Ellison, endure entirely too much […]

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    22: 99 Problems but a Witch Ain’t One

    We celebrate Thanksgiving by bringing America back to its awful roots with The Crucible, a play about the Salem witch hunts written during the communist witch hunts. Grab a turkey leg, accuse your aunt of being a witch, and enjoy spoilers for various Bruce Willis movies, puritans casually wandering in and out of other people’s […]

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    21: Back to the (Bradbury) Future!

    Come take a trip with us to the Bradbury-Future of Fahrenheit 451: where firemen burn books, buildings, robots, each other, whatever gets in the way of the flamethrower, really. Along the way, we’ll learn how far Ray Bradbury got with a little gumption and a pair of rollerskates, write the crossover fanfiction no one was […]

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    20: Pour One Out for Your Poe-mies

    Our Halloween celebration continues with the master of Gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe! Cower in fear at the return of the curséd city of Boston! Tremble in horror at how out of touch we are with popular music! Shake your head with pity at the tragedy of Poe and his alarmingly poor life choices! Also, […]

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    19: Don’t Kinkshame Dracula

    Is there a more recognizable literary monster than Dracula? Maybe, but who cares, IT’S A HALLOWEEN EPISODE! Join us as we learn why wolves make great lockpicks, create a Halloween “Dream Daddy” DLC, debate the merits of a manly brain, and listen to RJ do The Worst Impressions Ever. The scariest part of this episode? […]

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    18: The Gay Penguin Agenda – Banned Books Week ’17

    In an episode meant to explain and explore the world of banned and challenged books, Megan and RJ instead fail to resist drugs and violence, rewrite Lolita by way of Free Willy, are attacked by bugs, and actually have a serious, mature conversation about censorship, trigger warnings and what it means to read “in context.” […]

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    17: The Big Willy Conspiracy

    On this special episode, we’re investigating a centuries-spanning, Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy: Did beloved wordsmith William Shakespeare actually write all those plays? Or was it…someone else?! Megan and RJ probe Shakespeare’s life, watch a very bad movie with a disappointing lack of Radiohead, discuss RJ’s predictably gross book of poems, and hurl obscenities at Academy […]

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    16: Adjust Your Expectations Accordingly

    In this positively Dickensian episode, Megan and RJ attempt to discuss Great Expectations and its young hero Pip, but get sidetracked by everything from Chuck E. Cheese to forgetting the lyrics to Hamilton. Listen and learn the lost art of Ye Olde English Negging, the benefits of having your own special convict, and why Vin […]

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    15: I Love You, Most Awkwardly.

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single podcast in possession of a Jane Austen novel, must be in want of a guest host. Fellow Literary Post-Grad Monique joins Megan and RJ for a timeless tale of husband-hunting and being Too British For Feelings. RJ is out of his element, Megan doubles down on […]

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    14: Their Eyes Were Watching God Drop the Bass

    In this episode, we cover Zora Neale Hurston’s novel about race, gender, and feminine agency in the horrible, horrible swamps of Florida. Join us as we learn things like where Hurston is *probably* buried, Floridian Hurricane protocol, and why Jacksonville is just objectively the worst place ever. RJ refuses to forget about Moana, Megan caucasians […]

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    13: Hamlet! REVEEEENGE!

    Big Willy Shakespeare returns! We learn about Amleth, the original Norse myth that’s better in every way, just how bad the “Bad Quarto” version of the play is, and why when your ghost dad tells you to stab your uncle in the taint you really shouldn’t overthink it. Featuring a special segment dedicated to discussing […]

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    12: Giant Bugs, John Leguizamo, & the Jewish People

    Bodies change. Everyone knows that. One day you’re slim-waisted with a thick, beautiful head of hair and the next you’re a writhing, oozing insect monster. On this episode, we close our eyes and swat a newspaper at Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, a squirmy story of transformation and terrible family members. We cover Kafka’s complicated relationship […]

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    11: Go Make Your Blue China Proud

    In the nick of time for Pride Month, we baseball slide in with our first (as far as we know) gay author, Oscar Wilde, and our first guest host: our friend and fellow Literature Masochist, Scott. Enjoy wacky rich people antics and thinly veiled euphemisms as we learn why you should think before you sue […]

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    10: On the Hunt for the Great White Dick

    Weigh anchor and climb aboard the good ship Oh No! Lit Class for an extra-special, extra-long, extra…whale…y episode! Moby Dick takes us through such troubled waters as unfortunate child-naming trends, the homoerotic act of squeezing whale sperm, an unexpected amount of singing, and a title character who can barely be bothered to show up to […]

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    9: With Apologies to Margaret Atwood

    In this episode, we abandon our integrity, dignity, and tagline so that we can jump on The Handmaid’s Tale bandwagon…and then mention the TV show maybe once. Instead, we learn why RJ shouldn’t be allowed to talk about authors who are still alive, pitch an idea for an action/adventure spin-off, and discover the dark truth […]

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    8: There Will Be Yams

    You know what they say, “You gotta plant the yams first. Then, when you have the yams, you have the power.” We’re pretty sure that’s how that one goes. Dive into Things Fall Apart as RJ makes far too many 90’s wrestling references while Megan, against her better judgment, recites some Kendrick Lamar lyrics, and […]

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    7: It’s Alive! It’s a Lie?

    Megan and RJ are here to tell you that everything you know about Frankenstein is wrong. Not only is he the doctor, not the monster, he’s not even an actual doctor! Also, there’s no Igor…but there might be some Al Gore. We discuss the dumpster fire that was Mary Shelley’s life and why it’s important […]

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    6: Something’s Sinful in Salem

    You know how it is, your husband says he’s gonna meet you in the New World, he doesn’t show up, you sleep with a priest, the town shuns you because you’re full of sin, Batman’s there…Megan and RJ read The Scarlet Letter and learn that revenge is a dish best served 7 years later and […]

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    5: Sex in the Totalitarian Dystopia

    In this episode, Megan and RJ talk about 1984, George Orwell’s bleak image of a dark future where one man really, really, REALLY wants to get his bone on. We ignore most of the probing philosophical questions in favor of George Michael, Apple products, and a phone call from Little Brother.

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    4: Emily Dickinson: Harbinger of Death

    Poet, recluse…murderer? Probably not that last thing but wow did everyone Emily ever love sure die a whole bunch. Megan and RJ take the Dickinson train to Sadness Town, realize how little they actually know about poetry, and make more stupid Simpsons jokes.

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    3: Isn’t It Byronic? Don’t You Think?

    It’s like raaaa-eee-aaaiiin on your wedding day! …Or like finding out your fiance is already married and has been keeping his wife locked in the attic of his house, on your wedding day. It’s time for Jane Eyre! Megan and RJ make horrible mouth noises, sing entirely too much and ponder the question, “Where exactly […]

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    2: Ain’t No Party Like A West Egg Party

    In this episode, we’re talking about The Great Gatsby! We’ll explore the cultural context of the Jazz Age, how writing a novel can be the sickest burn of all, and why it’s so hard to think of a memorable Robert Redford movie. Mostly though, Megan and RJ make a ton of wiener jokes. Like, just […]

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    1: Ey Yo, Macbeth!

    In this first episode, we learn about Shakespeare’s Macbeth: the crazy, bloodthirsty murderer, and Historical Macbeth: the pretty okay dude. Megan gets history-shamed, RJ is under the impression that all Scottish people are actually from Brooklyn, and we all fondly remember the 90’s cartoon show, Gargoyles.

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